An error has occurred while setup was updating partition information 40 plus dating website

Once booted into the recovery partition and selecting “Reinstall OS X”, the “Eligibility Verification” window shows up. An unspecified error shows up which states “An Error occurred while preparing the installation.

Try running this application again.” Upon doing so, the same exact error pops up.

If you’re on a computer without internet access, or if you encounter the problem during an alternative OS X installation method and thus can’t access System Preferences, turning to the Terminal to set the date is the next option.

To determine if the Terminal date trick can fix those error messages and help you to successfully install OS X, you’ll need to turn to the command line while at the “Install OS X” boot menu.

To disable File Vault go to System Preferences File Vault. After disabling File Vault, you should be able to install Windows 10 by using Boot Camp without any problems.

Few users reported that File Vault was paused on their system and unable to resume for some unknown reason, therefore the only solution was to reinstall Mac OS.

Having worked in Technical Support here at Mac for some time now, I have helped customers handle many different types of errors and problems that they have come across.

Hello, I have been trying to install Win XP from scratch (clean install) . At the screen where you select the partition delete any that are already created.

Nothing has been done to have this occur, so what exactly is going on?

While this can be frustrating, something quite simple is going on in the background that needs to be addressed.

If you run into either error message while trying to update or install OS X while from an active OS X boot (say, a standard upgrade from the App Store), you can typically resolve the problem simply by setting the Date & Time on the Mac to be determined automatically.

To do this, go to the  Apple menu Date & Time, and be sure the “Set date and time automatically” option is checked: That method requires the Mac to have active internet access, however.