Hagstrom serial number dating

Below we have listings of guitar dating and serial number information sites and other resources.

While dating your electric guitar or acoustic guitar can be tricky, the places listed below should give you an idea of the date for your vintage guitar through its serial number.

In 2008 Hagström expanded their line of products and launched their own line of basses including a re-issue of their famous Hagström H8, an 8 string bass.

Albin Hagström began importing accordions from Germany and Italy in 1925 and founded Firma Albin Hagström.

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looks like the northern swede but doesn't have the northern logo on the headstock..The early guitars were heavily influenced by the accordion production and had a special look and feel.Hagström were the first company to mass-produce 8 string bass guitars as well as the first to build a guitar/synthesizer hybrid (Swede Patch 2000). In 2004 the brand was resurrected and is now in production in China.Ebony fingerboard f) Red felt under the pots and 2-way trussrod If you bought yours in the mid-seventies, it is probabaly one of the good ones. It is a really nice Les Paul style guitar that was made just as well as the 70's Gibsons.Congratulations Dave Ottawa, Canada I have a Hagstrom Swede guitar that I woul like to date. Check out the official Hagström site at also have a book you can order "the fastest playing neck in the world" with lots of interesting facts about the guitars, serial numbers and so on.. just bought a hagstrom today that says it is an ultr swede ..