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The following are a few features that I like most: Note: Group Wise Instant Messenger is a feature of Group Wise, and is not sold separately.

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It comes under category of “Collaboration Software”.

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Although we encourage sharing community creations you like, please do not take credit for other people’s work!I decided to activate it suddenly half-way during the league game.Please note that the volume of the bot is extremely loud, the first time you hear it!-- Watch live at https:// **Game** [Battlegrounds ]( [Champions & Gameplay ]( [Esports]( [New Player Advice 🔰]( [Teams & Clubs ]( --- **Community and Boards** [Announcements]( [Creations & Concepts ]( [Community Events Finder ]( [Games, Contests & Jokes ]( [Player Behaviour 🤝]( [Streams & Videos ]( [Off-topic ]( --- **NA Boards**➡️ [Dev Corner (NA) ]( [Story, Art & Sound (NA) ]( [Red Tracker (NA)]( ) --- **Support & Feedback** [Bug Reports ]( [Client Discussion]( [Help & Support 🔧]( [Service Status]( **_ This is the place to share your favourite streamers and You Tubers.If you don't know your Kappas from your Franker Zs, you can get a crash course on streaming.