Dating a medical student

We’ll complain about Jeremy Hunt for hours Get used to listening to rant after rant about how Jeremy Hunt is ruining our future, patient safety and destroying the NHS.

If you are the adventurous sort, you can even check out the hospital cafeterias and coffee stations where most of the students will be heading for a quick break.My time is valuable but thinking that my time is more valuable than my partner’s is a potential fuel for a fights.Mistake #2 – Allowing miscommunication (especially via text) to cause fights As a medical student, it’s not practical to see my partner or go on dates multiple times a week.We’ll sometimes smell like a dissecting room Part of our course involves looking inside a cadaver, and the smell is harder to get rid of than TB.The smell of formaldehyde is the least sexy scent since the lynx -doused days of year 9, so get ready to lose all attraction to us every couple of weeks.