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Darwin's reputation already stands so high that it may seem difficult to add to it.Yet this work will undoubtedly do so, and will prove almost equally attractive to the naturalist and the general reader.According to the Daily Mirror, Darwin last week sent Miss Forbes a train ticket so she could visit him, only to cancel the trip out of fear of press intrusion in the week of his wife’s release from Askham Grange prison.‘I don’t know what is in John’s mind.Why invite me on Saturday if he knew his wife was coming out?

Background Charles and Emma married on 29 January 1839, when Charles was 29 years and 11 months old and Emma was 30 years and 8 months old.A lack of adequate counselling services has made rehabilitation for many women impossible, the service's lawyer Caitlin Weatherby-Fell said."We see clients who have experienced high levels of trauma on the outside," she said."There's really no programs or services to help them address that trauma prior to their release."Stars and Madee said there were very few jobs in the prison for females."There's like 900 men to 80 women and they get everything," Stars said.The women said they watched on while the men accessed a range of education and other programs, such as woodwork and metal work, not available to the women."I've seen girls in there for like six years and they're going to be coming out to just nothing," she said.Clearly, Charles and Emma were familiar with this particular activity, and carried it out successfully on numerous occasions. We know the minimum number, but what about the average rate, for example?The Darwin cottage industry has apparently produced speculations about his sex life before (see Wikipedia), but I have not read about them.