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It appears that the law was intended to exclude from prosecution such events as penny-ante card games among friends in one's home, small spontaneous wagers between friends, and other spur-of-the-moment private transactions.Once those wagers occur on a regular basis at a business establishment, it is difficult to characterize them as "social bets," and the location of the event runs a substantial risk of violating the law.Click here for more information We're always interested in your feedback and your opinion matters to us. Any questions or comments you have should be submitted to: Peter Anzalone, Executive Director/Member (603) 601-6690 or (561) 351-8889 [email protected] serving International Coffees and Hot Homemade Soups. Join our Email List here for all the latest Ocean Gaming news. Our facility is now availabe for Halloween & Christmas Parties. Winners are determined by covering (or uncovering) the selected numbers in a designated combination, sequence or pattern as they appear on the player's card.A raffle is a form of lottery in which each participant buys a chance for a prize, and the winner is determined by a random a source of your fundraising efforts for your charitable organization.As New Hampshire's newest poker room and casino, we are excited to start helping local NH based charities meet their fundraising goals.

Roulette is a laboratory for musical experimentation by established and developing musical artists.

Only organizations exempt from paying federal income taxes may conduct charitable gaming events in Oregon. Private organizations qualify if they are active nonprofits.

An organization must have held tax-exempt status for at least one year and been engaged in its charitable, fraternal or religious purpose during that time.

Games in a casino night typically involve chips or play money, which players win through various forms of gambling, such as blackjack, dice tables or roulette wheels.

Winners redeem chips or play money for things of values, such as appliances or trips.