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Firstly, the shooting happened in broad daylight and secondly, the killer was never found. A 22-year-old seamstress Cheng Li Zhen was walking along Queenstown with her sister when she suddenly screamed and collapsed to the ground with blood oozing out from her chest.Their books and bags were found under a tree, but not a single person knew where the boys went to.This case was dubbed by the press as the Mc Donald's Boys, because the people from Mc Donald's were moved by the story of the boys' disappearance, and offered 0, 000 as a reward for information.Have a close and healthy relationship with your husband / wife / children, so that they will feel comfortable asking you questions, and you will know who their friends are and what they've been up to.Even as a young nation with a relatively short history, Singapore has had its fair share of unsolved crimes. Be it bone-chilling murders or vanishing acts, there's just something about these unsolved crime cases which hits home hard. All we know is that these mysteries have been unsolved, and will continue to be in the near future.