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That's because the birthplace for this chain of restaurants is Kolkata, which is supposed to have had the first Chinese immigrants in India.

The district health authorities are on their toes as the fear of outbreak of water-borne diseases or even an epidemic looms large here as the rainwater has accumulated in different parts of the city.

According to another version, the town was so-named after Nikudari legion of the Mongols.

The town is of considerable antiquity and had been held in succession by three different races, the Jatts, Kambojs, and then by the muslim Rajputs, traces of whom still exist in the extensive ruins by which the town is surrounded.

But for the more adventurous ones, who would enjoy the whole process of making their grill themselves, the personal barbeque at each table is a boon.

The town is well paved and has thriving appearances and currently forms a Tehsil of District Jalandhar.Having the distinction of being one of the oldest bar associations of India and the biggest in Punjab, 128-year-old District Bar Association of Jalandhar (DBAJ) has reared many an icons in the field of politics and judiciary, of both national and international repute.A day after her husband Nathpal and her minor son Amit Kumar were arrested on the charge of Vickys murder, Nathpals wife Shanti Rani has alleged that her husband and her son had been falsely implicated in the case as a part of a deep-rooted conspiracy.Outside the town, there are two large and handsome tombs dating at least from the times of Emperor Jahangir, later one of them is said to be the burial place of the adviser of Emperor Shah Jahan, but it is not known who stand buried in the earlier tomb.The name Nakodar, according to one account, is a said to be derived from the Persian words Neki ka dar, which mean Gate of Goodness or Virtue and it was named so by the Persian Kambohs.