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FROM EARLIER: How to skip the queue and install Windows 10 right now It’s hard to state this definitively, but it might be safe to say that everyone hates the Windows 8 Start screen. I even have friends who work at Microsoft and hate the Start screen. It includes most of the key elements from Windows 7’s Start menu, and then adds a section for modern tiles.

This month marks the return of a high action take on Forge, and the return of the intense sniper showdowns on Canals.The upcoming PC game update will launch December 3, to coincide with the launch of the expansion pack Battlefield 4 China Rising for Premium members on all platforms.The game update will start to roll out at 1AM PST/10AM UTC Dec 3, followed by the actual China Rising content around 2AM PST/11AM UTC.There are a number of great new features in Windows 10, and we covered five of the best ones in a recent article.Now, it’s time to take a look at five of the most awful, annoying, horrible problems from Windows 8 and see how Microsoft fixed them in its new operating system. In Windows 10, Microsoft has finally brought back the desktop Start menu, and it’s glorious.