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The winner is determined by whoever has the most points at the end of the game.What is the difference between field hockey and ice hockey? When played on a collegiate level, field hockey games are separated into two halves, each lasting 35 minutes with a seven-minute half time in between. While there are many rules in field hockey, just like any other sport, there are a few basic ones that should allow fans to understand what is happening in the game.Reportedly, Christina El Moussa started dating hockey player Nate Thompson in midst of her divorce from Tarek El Moussa.

It also is recognized as one of the oldest college sports in America. (A distinguished group including Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea and Victoria Beckham, producers want you to know.) This series chronicles a group of women either dating or married to sports stars, with as much real and manufactured drama as you would expect. First, WAGS stands for “Wives And Girlfriend S” of professional athletes.“The wives definitely tend to look down on the girlfriends,” Ashley explains.“There’s always this feeling like, you might not even this girl next week.” Sure enough, Autumn Ajirotutu (wife of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu) confirms she only prefers to hang out with wives instead of girlfriends.