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Caption: Genevieve Gorder with husband Tyler Harcott in 2005.

The couple had what people often say, a perfect relationship Gorder’s husband used to say said, “She is my oxygen.’’ Guess the reality shows that started the bond wasn’t quite enough to last forever as the couple officially separated from 2013 with Genevieve having the custody of their daughter. The same year, news came that Genevieve was dating Anthony Carrino from HGTV and rumor has it that the couple is still going strong but Genevieve has not disclosed any further regarding her relationship with Anthony.

That was the job I wanted when I got into stand up comedy. And someone who was already a joke writer told me that the best way to do it was to get into stand up because instead of someone trying to get someone to read things, you could just do it and they would see your sense of humor and that would develop.

The UCF alumni and former Titusville resident will bring his "tosh.show" to CFE Arena on April 25. Jeselnik also has a weekly series coming to Comedy Central February 19th called. The bonus features include Jeselnik’s uncut performances from the “COMEDY CENTRAL Roast of Donald Trump,” the “COMEDY CENTRAL Roast of Charlie Sheen,” and the “COMEDY CENTRAL Roast of Roseanne.” You can also check out his special on Xbox, Playstation, i Tunes, and Vudu.Anthony called me Wednesday to discuss his one hour special, the pressure of being the new guy on the roasts, writing for .She divorced him after three months because she said he was cheated on her.What is true is that Zolciak does have major coin (she seems to be the only Atlanta “housewife” not scraping by with the skin of their Bravo paycheck, reportedly 0,000 for each girl in Season 2), and she’s repeatedly said on television it all came from Big Poppa, who has been identified as Lee Najjar, an Atlanta real estate mogul.