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Lead by former NFL and collegiate standouts, our camps provide goal-oriented, position-specific training and physical and mental conditioning, ideal for campers between the ages of 10-18 of all abilities and skill levels.

already, the adoption rate of microsoft's online gaming/media service, xbox live, has surpassed 60 percent of current owners.

and the latest model, the xbox 360 elite console, is a compelling choice—for prospective buyers who don't own a 360, that is.

I doubt they would lower the functionality of existing ships just to include multicrews. I think what you'd see is the ability to give turrets to your crew mates, which would look similar to the SRV turret in HUD appearance. Even Luke Skywalker got to fly his own ship once he ceased being a Sidekick in the first movie.

I have a feeling multicrew would enhance the capabilities of a ship, contrary to not having one being a detriment. And now Frontier wants to spend precious development time for their bug addled game on a feature that is perhaps the ONE way to make traveling about the galaxy MORE boring than it's already become?