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I love people who know what they want, kisses What I like? I love to meet people, to discover things that cause me and that give me satisfaction.But, I will admit in all honesty I have a bit of a dick obsession.Looking at an erect (especially large) dick does something for me.Before SC I has experimented with guys out of curiosity and had actually decided it wasn't for me, but since getting into the industry I have had the opportunity to realize sexuality (for me at least) is not so simple as gay/straight, but for all of you black/white folks out there if I had to choose a label to wear I would say bisexual.For me I don't find the male physique attractive in a sexual manner, if I look at a ripped muscular guy I don't get turned on- I get jealous and want to go workout.Elijah es un tío muy intelectual, es racional y le gusta analizar la vida desde todas las perspectivas.

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are very much to say but so many things they do not actually know that I like.After seeing pictures of him with logs, pastries, and flowers in his ass, Francois seems ready for any deathtrap Jigsaw and his disciples cold ever dream up!If you love Sagat as much as we do, check out the fun on Francois Sagat’s QC Fan Club page!I will keep coming back as long as they keep inviting me.;) as for my sexuality everyone seems so curious about, I (like most people) am a dynamic and constantly evolving individual.