Dating delilah band

But despite the guys’ brotherly rapport, the band is only about two years old.The project initially started after Skavdahl entered a Battle of the Bands contest at Hard Rock Café.The worst part had to be that I didn't eat for about 12 hours because I didn't know to pack anything in my tiny handheld purse. But, they were still nominated and there is something to be said for that. Starting at their nomination, it was a two-month gradually building emotional crescendo.And going to the bathroom during the broadcast was a big time commitment because they don't want to show people walking up and down the aisles. When they lost, it felt like someone popped the balloon.The song didn't win, but she described the day as one of the best of her life. And unlike every adolescent movie I've seen, at this party all the pretty/rich people were also nice and happy! Everyone was so friendly, complimentary, and skilled at making you feel at ease.

'I was really nervous going on stage before him in front of tens of thousands of people. I kicked off my high heel shoes because I was scared I was going to fall over, because my legs were shaking.''She added: 'We jammed on the guitar on the first night I was there."When we first met, she had a boyfriend," Higgenson said of the song's subject, who, at the time, was a track star at Columbia University."We kept in touch every once in a while, and then the song blew up.He entered on a whim, not really thinking he’d be chosen.When he was picked for the competition, he realized he was missing one important thing: a band. The foursome learned five songs in two weeks, played a 20-minute set, and won.