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' If you're not concerned ...' A girl was mesmerized by a sea lion she found at her local zoo and tried to follow him swimming in the tank -- but when she fell, the animal had a hilarious reaction.

Video of the girl and sea lion interacting The actress is an icon of the 1980s, but is barely recognizable today -- and she blames part of her fading away on nose surgery that left her 'anonymous.' ' It was the nose job from hell' The expectation that children born in the U. will do better than their parents is the opportunity many think the country promises -- but it's not always the reality.

You are ready to explore new territory today, but prior commitments make it difficult to find the time for your adventure.Here is a short video explaining some of our a community driven project offering you some unique quality soundscapes with different atmospheres for chilling, relaxing or your recordings using our endless audio loops.Citations: If you are using Sonic Visualiser in research work for publication, please cite (pdf | bib) Chris Cannam, Christian Landone, and Mark Sandler, Sonic Visualiser: An Open Source Application for Viewing, Analysing, and Annotating Music Audio Files, in Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference.Editing photos in software is easier than you think, with a proper program photo editing can become fun.