Chan adult chat

In China, new slang and catchphrases emerge at break-neck speed and become immediately immensely popular on Weibo and other online forums.

So if you want to speak really modern Chinese, being familiar with Chinese catchphrases as well as the things you learn in class will help you a lot.

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There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.Nincha’s here to help though so don’t be worried, you’ll know all you need to know! Our first must-know Chinese catchword is a word you’ve probably come across already, and not necessarily in a Chinese text.It was a big hit not only in China but also in some parts of the world (hello 9gag): DUANG.At Ninchanese, we aim to teach you both at the same time, so today, we’re showing you some really funny and popular Chinese catchphrases.They’re really handy if you want to chat online or talk to your Chinese-speaking friends.