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A returned shortpaid mailpiece can have the necessary additional postage affixed to the original piece and does not have to be placed in a new envelope or wrapper.The following conditions also apply to the delivery of Priority Mail Express, Registered Mail, Certified Mail, mail insured for more than 0.00, Adult Signature, or COD, as well as mail for which a return receipt is requested or the sender has specified restricted delivery.The addressee may refuse to accept a mailpiece when it is offered for delivery.After delivery, an addressee may mark a mailpiece “Refused” and return it within a reasonable time, if the piece or any attachment is not opened.The Postfix configuration file specifies a very small subset of all the parameters that control the operation of the Postfix mail system.Parameters not explicitly specified are left at their default values.In some instances, the Program will not contain the appropriate SCA WD, and contracting officers will be directed to use DOL’s e98 website in order to obtain the required SCA WD.

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Rehabilitation Agencies A rehabilitation agency is a provider certified by Medicare to provide restorative and specialized maintenance therapy in an integrated multidisciplinary rehabilitation program.

Additionally, a facility that qualifies as a CORF may enroll to provide mental health services.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) A person is eligible to enroll with MHCP as an occupational therapist if he or she maintains applicable and must first enroll with Medicare.

Mail that may not be refused and returned unopened under this provision may be returned to the sender only if it is enclosed in a new envelope or wrapper with a correct address and new postage.

The following may not be refused and returned postage-free after delivery: An addressee may request the postmaster, in writing, to withhold from delivery for a period not to exceed 2 years any foreign letter or printed matter with a specified name or address on the outside.