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If she likes you, you won't have to worry about sharing her. Yet and still, she continues on a path so few are able to because there's this fire that burns inside her and she wouldn't dare keep anyone around her who tries to put it out. She has a tendency to take what she has and make it trendy. The last thing she needs is a cloud of negativity reminding her of every worse case scenario and safety precaution. She will always make sure the reward outweighs the risk. She’s constantly growing, changing, and evolving into the best version of herself, all while leaving her mark around the world.But just know there are people all over the world who appreciate her presence just as much as you do. Often times she can be a trendsetter because of that, and if she's looking to make a decision, society is the last thing she'll turn to. And as long as danger, death, or deportation have yet to halt her journey, then don’t be the fourth D of a She's learned through travel how short and fleeting life can be, and she wouldn't dare waste it on the wrong person, especially when that hinders the chances for the right one to come. It’s hard to be in one of substance, maturity, and mutual growth. She's got a remarkable spirit that can lift even the darkest of souls, and you’ll never have to question her loyalty because she makes it very clear where she stands on everything, because she’s not afraid to think for herself.The more exciting and new the experience, the better. One of the best things about travel is that it allows the traveler to be totally spontaneous.Traveling between countries is often very easy (and cheap) in some parts of the world, such as the European continent, so you’re allowed to be as spontaneous as you like.She's wildly creative in coming up with a solution.If one way doesn't work, it's likely she'll have three other ways to attempt the same thing. She doesn't have the time or need to be anything but upfront. She'll tell you her expectations, listen carefully to yours and ask that you both respect each other for doing what you feel you're meant to do. Her passion for the world and traveling its every inch will be reflected in her feelings for you. Dating a girl who travels isn't so black and white, and neither is the way she views the world.

" I didn't know until that moment that my outer world was reflecting my inner most desire: to travel, go explore and see the world.

Travelers, in general, have to be independent and rely on themselves.

Girls who travel aren’t going to be clingy or high maintenance.

So, there's no need to worry about impressing her all the time.

The unexpected element in this relationship is kind of scary. It's like a ticking time bomb waiting for the next time she gets swept up with the wind and leaves everything behind.