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However, there is relatively little of archaeological interest in Akyaka.

Gökova town's Kozlukuyu Mahallesi is a first degree archaeological area with the ruins and rock cut chamber tombs of Idyma dating to 5th Century BC.

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Gökova town is a separate municipality from Akyaka, yet Idyma's acropolis and necropolis are often erroneously attributed to Akyaka.The first recorded mention of Idyma (now Gökova) was in 546 BC.as a member of the Attika-Delos Sea Union founded against the Persians with the leadership of Athens.He might be a man of Oscar-winning talent, but when it comes to his many girlfriends, Leonardo Di Caprio seemingly has two simple requirements.Naturally they must look good on his arm - something the 42-year-old achieves by exclusively romancing young models (indeed his most recent girlfriend, Nina Agdal, was Leo's tenth Victoria's Secret beauty).