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Current efforts at the University of Arizona are directed towards understanding why bone yields erroneous results, what is the nature of the contaminants, and what can be done to obtain accurate dates from bone organic matter.

Bone from extinct Pleistocene animals from stratified sites with adequate geochronological control was selected for analysis.

It’s definitely why so many people seem genuinely surprised that they’re not in a ‘quality’ relationship with someone who by their own admission is aggressive or shady.

If someone’s told or shown you that they are certain things, it’s only betting on potential and denial that is creating the “surprise” element when they live up to being who they are.

The quality of our relationships is very much dependent on what we know about each other, what we do, and who we are in our relationships.

Note that I said know not assume, do not talking about doing stuff but it not materialising or contradictory actions that possibly might contradict words, are as in, whether we are our true selves or fake selves or even doormat selves, and the same for the other party.

DATING of prehistoric rock paintings (pictographs) has traditionally relied on indirect evidence.

This includes inferences based on the archaeological context, such as superpositions of pictorial styles, mainly because of the problem of separating inorganic carbon from the organic material in the pigments.

The results were then compared to radiocarbon dates on associated wood or charcoal or age estimates based upon other data.This is why there are people who feel really ‘connected’ with someone in spite of the fact that when all is said and done, they don’t hold a great deal of knowledge on the other party.It’s also why some relationships seem to have more time spent fighting for them or making up from fighting for them than they do actually living them because so much time and effort is devoted to passive aggressively or aggressively trying to ‘make’ the other person be or do something or to surrender their values.A lot of the issues that we come up against when we struggle with dating and forging healthy relationships are rooted in essentially attempting to create ‘quality’ relationships even though we’re not involved in a healthy partnering, whether it’s down to incompatible core values or unhealthy behaviour, which will eventually render you incompatible anyway no matter how many other things you claim to have in common.If you tend to think about you or what happens in your life in terms of being “good enough”, you’ll find that when you consider the quality of your relationships, far too much emphasis is put on ‘worth’; you’re thinking that there’s something wrong with you that is affecting the quality of the relationship or what the other person is doing, while at the same time putting the other person on a pedestal and giving over all of your power.