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Once you have arrived in Sweden, contact the Housing and Student Affairs Department for further assistance. Importing illegal medication to Sweden may result in receiving a fine or other more serious legal repercussions.Generally, any type of medication that contains amphetamine, benzodiazepine, methylphenidate, and other euphoriants has import restrictions in Sweden.g them for some good bacon and eggs breakfast, and feeling that certain dread only a split second later. To avoid awkward situations like these, we’ve compiled a list of the most photogenic halal or Muslim-owned cafes.And to our Muslim friends, this list comes in handy if you’ve been planning a catch-up session with those long-time-no-see friends!If there’s one cafe that evokes fond memories of Chemistry experiments in school, it's The Lab SG.Test tubes and cylinders in place of the usual plates and bowls means we get to play with our food!

If the medication does not contain euphoriants, you are allowed to bring a supply of three months through Swedish customs.As a student staying in Sweden for longer than three months, you can apply for permission to bring any medication you are currently taking, including medications classified as narcotics.You apply for this certificate through Sweden’s Medical Products Agency (MPA / Läkemedelsverket) Write an email* to [email protected] information below is subject to change and DIS cannot be held responsible for any changes.If you have questions prior to arrival in Sweden, contact the DIS North American Office. and will need to continue to do so in Sweden, be aware that some types of medication available in the U. may not be available in Sweden, and it is illegal to bring a full, four-month supply through Swedish customs or mail medication to Sweden.