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It has progressively become an indispensable obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman.

This examination has many indications, such as: to evaluate the position of the fetus, diagnose congenital abnormalities, and to determine if there are multiple pregnancies, etc.

But if you have sudden pain or other new/different problem, that is different and considered a part of most emergency evaluations, as is one of the best ways to check on the fetus. Read more A sonogram is an imaging test that uses high frequency sound (ultrasound) to produce images of various parts of your body without the need for radiation. Read more A 2 month OB sonogram is a good time to nail down the dates, confirm the number of fetuses, and confirm fetal life. It uses sound waves and can give us a 2 dimensional view of organs such as the kidney, liver, heart, and lungs.

Great for pregnancy evaluation, general abdominal surveys for many things, thyroid gland, carotid arteries, heart, testicles, and many other structures. It can define spaces that are either solid or full of fluid.

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An ultraound, also known as a sonogram, is a painless and relatively inexpensive imaging test that utilizes sound waves instead of ionizing radiation. Ultrasound can give us two-dimensional, and in some applications three-dimensional, images of structures and organs in virtually any part of the body. That's the reason why you have to be guided during pregnancy so that baby will grow normally to avoid complications. In addition to diagnostic uses, such as evaluating abnormalities in the abdomen, pelvis, and breast, ultrasounds are commonly used to guide needle and catheter placement in a variety of surgical and minimally invasive procedures. I would avoid the ultrasound screening exams done at malls and in church parking lots. A sonogram in medical imaging uses sound waves to generate an image of internal body structures. However, no test is 100% accurate, and we are all imperfect beings, subject to human error.

Abdominal and pelvic sonograms are used to check the health of the various organs in the pelvic and abdominal regions, including the kidneys, liver, urinary bladder, gallbladder, and reproductive organs.No matter which type of ultrasound is being performed, our professional staff ensure an accurate, informed procedure.An essential tool for all pregnancies, an OB sonogram provides a moving visualization of a fetus.Obstetrical and gynecological sonography, commonly referred to as OB/GYN ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging modality specialty.Sonography obtains images of internal organs by sending sound waves into the body.