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is an animated web series hosted on You Tube and, involving a talking orange who is annoying.

After airing two seasons, the show went on hiatus after the second season ended in May 2014, and in December 2014 Daneboe confirmed that the series had been cancelled.

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However, shopkeepers will always buy unidentified gems as if they are worthless glass, and will always sell unidentified gems as if they are valuable, possibly subject to a further 33% surcharge for being unidentified.

Valuable gems may also be thrown to a co-aligned unicorn to get a large Luck increase.

Daneboe, começou a fazer vídeos com alimentos animados em 2006, no qual envolvia ovos, milhos, tomates, suco, peixes e marshmallows, com a parceria com a Gag Films, mas postava os seus vídeos no seu canal do You Tube.

Em 2008, Daneboe fez uma minissérie envolvendo uma jarra psicopata com um suco dentro (Kool Aid Killer), no qual matava e lutava contra os seus adversários quando a embalagem de refresco ser aberta e ao misturá-lo com água.