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“It was a shock at first when I heard the music, and they said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your host, Paul O’Grady’. She’d never been a party animal – she’d always done the show and gone home. She’d stand there with a mug of tea and a piece of toast on top, ‘Here y’are Paul,’ and she’d start ‘Walter, Walter, lead me to the altar’.” O’Grady is singing and cackling with laughter at the same time.

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Families, grandmothers, single men cleaning out their drill bits, bored nurses on the renal ward, teenagers eating Doritos in Stourbridge and flatmates sitting uncomfortably on their sagging sofa bed. The squashed testicles, the nervously crossed knees, the straining gussets and ill-judged buttons – sitting on a high stool is the dating equivalent of trying to eat a banana underwater – unnecessarily hard, unflattering and extremely unsexy. But, sometimes, if you really do want to be happy, you have to allow somebody in.The show is tipped to be back on air before the end of 2017, but following the death of Cilla Black in 2015, the identity of a new presenter is currently up in the air.“In an age of Tinder, you have got to earn the right to love on this show.” Blind Date last aired in 2003, and saw hopeful (or hopeless) romantics pick a potential partner by asking them three questions.In the original ITV series, contestants picked from three unseen potential partners after asking just three questions to help them make their decision.The new couple would then be sent on a holiday, with a camera crew in tow to capture every awkward moment.