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The choice is yours, stay anonymous or be open and candid on cam.

Masala Chat is also known online by the following nicknames: Masala Chat is powered by Para Chat (parachat).

Chat in India and Chat with people from all over India including these states: Use this Indian Chat room to meet other friendly people. You don’t have to be single and lonely, you can already have an amazing social life, but you can use Masala Chat to build on an already thriving social life by chatting to strangers. The person you message might never log back in again.

Chat rooms are more instant than dating and social networking sites. Whereas on a chat site you can be sure you’re chatting to a real person who in this very moment is looking for the same thing as you i.e. You can also connect to the Masala chat room via a webcam.

Webcam chat eliminates any confusion and doubt of who you are really talking to because you can see and hear in real time the person you are communicating with.

Clean webcam chat is arguably safer than other ways of meeting people online.

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