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A few years ago we reported on a bizarre trend that involved people simply coming to IKEA and sleeping on the comfortable beds and sofas on display for hours, or just walking around and enjoying the free air conditioning.This kind of thing has been going on in China for the past 15 years, since the chain arrived in the Asian country, and it’s still very popular today.I really want Jin Kyung to bring her model bffs Hyoyeon and the other one I can't remember to a triple date that would make madtown's year LOL.

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Among the cited offences, the notice mentions “taking up seats for long hours, bringing outside food and tea, speaking loudly, spitting, and having quarrels and fights.” To discourage the group from using the cafe as a free venue for their blind-dating events, IKEA has recently introduced a new rule that requires patrons to buy something from the cafe before they are seated.

Moos is perfect and since I can't have Jota cause he's happily married, I'll take Moos. They are so good and far too underrated and barely recognized. She made an appearance on MBC Music Core yesterday, and sang a little cheer for Jota's comeback. Apparently filmed some stuff there too, so she probably finally gets to meet the rest of Madtown. LOL Anyway, feel free to send me a message if you want to spazz out some more! I crackled at his bragging about the clothes as a means of distracting for the failed trick.

Can we spazz about how cute and perfect Jota is on WGM (his cheeks are going to burst from all that smiling and happy at any and everything Jin Kyung does) and how cute and perfect my new girl crush Jin Kyung is, and how they are just awkdorkably perfect together. My girl is totally the Junghwa to his Seo Hyun and I loves it. It's so cute how he can be all brag on CKOTB, then when he's in front of Jin Kyung...lmfao..don't know what to do with himself. Jin Kyung was way too cool and collected on Music Core for it to be an at the moment kind of thing.

The concept of the dating show is essentially to give “regular” people the chance to have a dream date with a celebrity, based off of their personality and not their looks.

This latter aim is an ironic one because the show very obviously fails to achieve its don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover facade.