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And what do you do to get into character to play him? Trying to protect the world which he believes is the right way it should be. He’s never been poor – well, he has been poor but he’s never actually suffered the sufferings of the everyday people.

So, right at the beginning it’s, ‘Oh, he’s like one of those crazy, extreme right wing Republicans who actually genuinely believe what they’re doing.’ They believe that what they’re doing is right and is right for their country, but where it’s not necessarily right for the great majority of its subjects.”“No…Narcisse has much better hair and clothes than Trump. I think where Trump is – well, Trump is quite crazy – uh…Narcisse comes from, well, he’s nobility. He’s grown up in a world where this is the way things must be. And I don’t think he – you know, baddies in shows, and I don’t think this is a spoiler – they always think they’re the good guy.”“It helps when you have spectacular wardrobes and such.

(*note* Craig is currently back in New Zealand) Star Sign: Scorpio Hobbies: Swimming, sailing, eating and playing Favourite music: David Bowie, Loni Anderson (This has to be a typo on the card and is probably meant to be Lori Anderson), REM Favourite Movie: The Hunger Favourite Actor: John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave Favourite Book: The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks Favourite Item Of Clothing: My boots Favourite Food: Indian Craig Parker was born November 12th, 1970 in Suva on the island of Fiji, but moved to New Zealand with his parents as a child.

“In a decision I can only put down to a hurried, late night flight and too many gins,” Craig remembers, “my parents decided to settle in Glenfield. Me, doomed to a life of suburban mediocrity, married with 2.4 children, with only the remains of a fading tan, my fire extinguished forever.

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Adelaide is glorious, and it's really our first scene together, I think. He's one of those awful Republican monsters who lobby the governments, and tell senators what to do. He's definitely out there to smack them around, and teach them a lesson, but he's doing it, in his head, for the good of France.Hit the link here for the rest of the full monty you see below (NSFW, obviously). Not only did a LOT of shiz happen on the episode, but we got to know the new villain Narcisse, aka Craig Parker, a lot better. He had a father who was a monster, and taught him how to behave.