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My best girlfriend, who is Chinese, is dating an American classmate. People in China make emotional commitment right away and make lifelong commitment after intimacy, which sounds really scary to Americans.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you already know that I am also dating an American, so she has been using me as her own personal relationship coach (which I am more than happy to be! I guess other foreign students might have similar situations if they are dating Americans, so I want to share our discussions with you guys. If this ever happened, this guy would be considered a very non-sensitive type, and will be blamed to death when he shows up again.

In every city across this country, bars are literally overflowing with other lonely people looking to share an awkward cup of coffee with you the next morning. In America, because of shows like , the idiotic belief that men and women can be friends has been propagated right into the mainstream.

And to top it all off, even the taken people are still available. Women and men in this country will believe that you want nothing more than friendship just because you say so. People will talk all kinds of nonsense about how it's impossible to get out of the "friend zone," but don't listen to them.

Tuesday I went off, -style, on how this is the best country in the world for dating.

The following year Hayslip moved to San Diego, California, to join him, and briefly supported her family as a homemaker. Dennis was a heavy drinker, clinically depressed and full of rage.

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You guys are taking time to know and evaluate each other. He must have another girlfriend now, you should be careful! Seeing parents means you guys are 95% certain to get married.

Family is like the final approval – you make sure everything is marriage-ready, then get final approval from the parents.