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Every setting of the MBR must be edited with extreme care because errors may have severe consequences.# lilo.conf## global options:boot=/dev/hdaprompttimeout=150lba32compactvga=normalroot=/dev/hda1read-onlymenu-title=" John's Computer "## bootable kernel images:image=/boot/z Image-1.5.99 label=tryimage=/boot/z Image-1.0.9 label=1.0.9image=/tamu/vmlinuz label=tamu initrd=root=/dev/hdb2 vga=ask## other operating systems:other=/dev/hda3 label=dos boot-as=0x80 # must be C:other=/dev/hdb1 label=Win98 boot-as=0x80 # must be C:other=/dev/hdb5 label=os2 loader=os2_d table=E: # os2 sees as E: This configuration file specifies that lilo uses the Master When booting, the boot loader will issue its boot: prompt and wait for you to enter the label of the kernel (and any options) which you wish to boot.A SYSLINUX floppy can be manipulated using standard MS-DOS (or any OS capable of accessing an MS-DOS filesystem) tools once it has been created.These are the options common to all versions of the SYSLINUX installer: If the Shift or Alt keys are held down during boot, or the Caps or Scroll locks are set, SYSLINUX will display a LILO-style "boot:" prompt.

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The SYSLINUX loader does not need to know about the kernel file in advance.

At any time you may hit [Tab] to see a list of kernel/other labels.

Alternately, if the menu boot loader is installed, a menu of boot options will be presented for your selection.

However, you may find that default configuration is not correct, or you wish to customize it.

And there may even come a time when you need to remove LILO from your computer.