Guigui and aaron yan dating

"He faced her with a presumably reserved expression, "Oh, I meant..." What followed was an uneasy tongue-tied moment for the usually confident Aaron.

Aaron Yan's video instantly made all the girls on the set uneasy...everyone muttered "Who is it?

Busy with indulging in her daily routine as always, Gui Gui does not expect to bump into a cold and distant Aaron.

Coincidence is the best word to describe the situations which follow after a certain fateful day.

Since Ji Wen Kai became the CEO, the first person that comes against him in the company is his ‘rival’ Zhong Yutang(Joanne Zeng) who is also his childhood friend.

(2015)Movie Release date: 2016Status: Completed/Unreleased 10 participants using their wisdom to solve the games they participated in. But there seems to be more complicated stuffs hidden behind the games. Trust and betray, 20 years of love & hatred, how would things unfold?