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And an important sign of Jesus’ coming is conquest of India.

Jeremiah Abalaka, a surgeon turned immunologist, who claimed to have developed a vaccine for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, said he would only release his vaccine recipe to the Nigerian government under negotiated agreement.

But these people have one thing in common: boundless negative energy that ends up affecting everyone around them.

This article has nothing but good things to say about ACN the corporation.

We meet five Christian families, each with a gay or lesbian child.

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However in modern era of religious marketing, another group has come up which would go to any length to discover scientific errors in Vedas.

They provide great services at a great price and have utilized a unique means of sales and advertising.

The article seeks only to discuss the strategies and activities of some of the reps within ACN (which often times are likely not in accordance with what ACN the corporation encourages or condones.) The scam works by convincing people that they have are going to make a lot of money in the telecom industry by selling a few video phones, satellite TV subscriptions, cell phones, landlines, etc and encouraging a few of their friends to do the same. Anyone can sell 3 services and we would argue that anyone could also find a friend to do the same.

While both these groups of evangelists are propelled by vision of making everyone in world a follower of their respective Holy Books, the situation is even more desperate for Quran zealots.

This is because a bulk of Islamic evangelists believe that Jesus will come again towards end of the world after which they would reach Paradise forever.