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In particular, men are not only more likely, but have traditionally been expected to make the first move.

With the advent and significant growth in online dating, we might expect that these gender differences would be mitigated by technology, i.e.

As men age, they tend to look for women who are younger than they are.

how many matches they'd make) and how many messages they would receive from users they'd matched with. The fake men only matched with others 0.6% of the time.A group of scientists at Queen Mary University of London, Sapienza University of Rome, and Royal Ottawa Health Care Group studied the behavior of Tinder users and found that women generally swipe right only for men they're seriously interested in, while men are less picky.That ultimately leads to a frustrating experience for everyone., you hear about it on the talk shows and you definitely hear it from males and females alike; “He just won’t listen.“ “She complains too much.” It isn’t all in our minds—there’s scientific evidence that we just don’t talk the same ”language”.