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some of which have made for some noteworthy tales…That said, I have NEVER gone on a date ‘for a story’ as some seem to think.

I’m just an open book who’s not afraid of taking chances, showing a lil vulnerability and telling it like it is.

With the ultimate goal of preparing organizations/communities to implement a strategy of violence prevention that consistently, measurably reduces power-based personal violence (including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse and bullying), Green Dot, etc. In recognition of the great diversity of contexts, all of our materials are designed to serve as detailed templates – providing structured content combined with components that require culture-specific adaptation to most effectively reach the target population. Regardless of content, the success of a prevention program depends heavily on the skill and competence of those implementing. provides training courses for both leadership and front-line professionals that focus on core competency areas necessary for successful implementation of any program, such as: strategic planning, bystander mobilization, persuasive communication, coalition building, etc.

At Green Dot, etcetera, our work goes beyond the Green Dot program itself.

Due to my brazen personality, if the date goes sour, things can escalade quickly.

Writing about these scenarios is therapeutic and the rationalization of putting my feelings into writing often brings me closure and a sense of understanding.

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AH following a Reuters report that the company is in talks with P-E firms after receiving takeover approaches.If you’re new here I would start here and click on whatever piques your fancy. (or ,500 after a federal tax incentive), is the best plug-in hybrid for most people.To learn more about street harassment and how you can do your part to reduce it, check out For the first time since 2004, new domains are hitting the Web—meaning that people will soon be able to register websites with addresses that end in tags such as .dating, .expert or . ( Proponents say so many websites are registered on the most popular domain—.com—that opening up more top-level ones will give new companies an opportunity to get a choice name for their website.