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Eyal Pfeifel: I think it's significant because it creates a new kind of engagement, which is around messaging person-to-person like most messaging platforms but also person-to-business or person-to-brand or person-to-publisher. The ability to be able to respond to many users, assuming we are not talking about a few single ones but maybe thousands, obviously a manual solution like putting a call center behind it is not practical.

It expands the platform beyond just personal communication. I think that was the initial motivation, simply to allow them to work at scale 24/7 and improve the service.

Onsite training may be an option depending on company location and availability.

We offer a variety of enterprise level tools to help streamline the bot building process.

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Personal and Professional applications for such uses as Customer Service Agents and On-Line Assistance.

A new bot scam on Tinder is tapping into users’ desire to become “verified” on the popular dating service – a process that people believe would allow them to confirm their identity, and legitimize their account for the purposes of trust and safety.To vote add your user id using ~~~ beside the bot in the table below.The Pandorabots Playground is a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots loaded with features and tools.The interaction between users and bots is mostly free-form, so bots need to understand language naturally and contextually.The Cognitive Service Language APIs provide powerful language models to determine what users want, to identify concepts and entities in a given sentence, and ultimately to allow your bots to respond with the appropriate action.