Keanu reaves and dating and 2016

So Wick, and Reeves, are back for John Wick: Chapter 2 ... Read more (Comments: 0) Days after it was reported Warner Bros.

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They turn everything into a date, srsly, and all the more if it can be clickbaity like this one. While being trans is a part of her identity and visibility is important, there are so many more inventive ways to describe Jamie "Sense8 badass" "Netflix star" ANYTHING.

'" Hear more from Zellweger and Reeves' exclusive interview with ET in the video below.

Keanu Reeves became everyone's favourite Hollywood action hero when he played a police officer in Speed, and then the Matrix sci-fi action trilogy successfully cemented his legacy as an actor in the annals of Hollywood. And he stays on top without ever losing his outsider cool ...

I hate that in this context they sensationalized Jamie being trans and lowkey shamed Keanu for being interested with the use of "tryst." This annoys the fuck out of me.

For those who are interested, Gregg Miller has posted a video of the full Troubadour gig that Dogstar played in 1994 on youtube.