Creepy internet dating guy meme

Changing the lyrics to something more akin to a stalker’s journal entry, her song goes “If I was your girlfriend, I’d never let you leave without a small recording device taped under your sleeve.”The meme itself shows a webcam picture of the girl, who we now know is Youtube parody star Laina Walker. A seriously creepy image of the ghost-like figure you’d never want to meet, he has large, sunken eyes and a malicious grin that doesn’t bode well. Insanity Wolf If you want to be inspired, pull up the Courage Wolf meme.

Most people can’t just create a run-of-the-mill profile and watch the propositions pile in: It takes mad skills and raw talent.Instead, the 20-year-old wrote a captivating bio encouraging dudes to send her cash with hopes they'll get something out of it.happen if they send Archer money, and she's received a large flow of bills on Pay Pal ever since.I HATE how long I’ve been at it—four years now, on and off, since I first moved to New York City—but I love all of the interesting people I’ve met, the amusing experiences I’ve had, and the many stories I’ve gathered.Over time, I’ve gotten pretty good at certain aspects of the format.