Cams dating Cam4live italian

All Mega Upload domains are still owned by the FBI, but they point to name servers which occasionally expire and the federal authority isn’t particularly great at remembering to update them.

So when they expire, occasionally someone catches on and takes ownership, therefore making it possible to put adverts on any seized sites that point to that particular name server. Of course these defunct, seized and shut down domains don’t exactly generate a lot of traffic, so it’s not like the people who have taken control are going to generate much income from them.

And they’re making money from it, no matter how miniscule.

Over the years, Cam has had zero problem letting the world know how much he loves him some Ju Ju.

Yes, she is 6 feet something of some fine Cuban chocolate, but her spirit and personality emanate through her breathtaking looks.

'They definitely are fond of each other and like each other but it’s not serious.' Yet another source told People, 'They are talking and they have been friends since they met at CAA upfront party....

divulged if anything romantic has ever happened between them.