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These classic flash games came out a few years back but are surging in popularity once again. The whole idea of the game is to help get pick-up artist Jake laid. Episode 5 Hedonism Episode 6 After the Club Episode 7 The Mile High Club Episode 8 Feeling Naughty? Episode 19 Mardi Gras – Part 1 Episode 20 Mardi Gras – Part2 Episode 21 Fashion Show Episode 22 Spring Break MTV Episode 23 Bar Hopping Episode 24 The Gym Episode 25 Threesome!The games take you through scenes of spring break, Mardi Gras, fashion shows, clubs, and every other imaginable place to pick up women. Episode 9 Class Reunion Episode 10 Going Skiing Episode 11 Halloween Episode 12 California Gigolo Episode 13 Hat Trick Episode 14 ER Starring Jake Episode 15 Night Before Christmas Episode 16 New Years Rave Episode 17 Rock Concert – Limp Dillznick! Episode 26 One Love Episode 27 Graduation – Part 1 Episode 28 Graduation – Part 2 Episode 29 Twilight Zone Episode 30 Wall Street.. Episode 31 – ASR Trade Show Episode 32 – Mile High Club 2 Episode 33 – Birthday Party Extra 1 – Just A Booty Call Extra 2 – Death Of The LD Extra 3 – Jake’s Funeral The Movie is Finally Here!v=B6Jjyr B-1Ls BTW, also check out Shy Kenji on his path https:// Mj Td WHhpk8d9JNtjg I do not own this video and have no copyrights on this This is property of The Game Show Network and the Production company Game of Dating 2017 Season 1, Episode 1. Guys or gals would try their best to answer questions trying to win a date.

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Sometimes still photos of “the date” would be shown during a later show.Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy, get picked and go on a free date.Sometimes you got to go to beautiful Burbank, and then others got to go to Spain. Dating Game TV Show - Patty Martino (Alspaugh) as bachelorette - 1980 Channel: Patty Martino Alspaugh & Total View: 11631 Add Date: March 18, 2013, pm & Duration: Likes: 29 | Dislike: 1 Patty Martino on the original Chuck Barris Production Dating Game with host Jim Lange, which was taped on November 28, 1979 and aired on April 18, 1980.Dating Game Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973 check the link https://v=B6Jjyr B-1Ls Channel: Jimm Magnet & Total View: 765278 Add Date: February 8, 2014, pm & Duration: Likes: 3277 | Dislike: 252 The Dating Game Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973BTW check out bky guy because he has alot of hot models cosplay https:// Jim Carrey plays the host of "The Dating Game," where Jamie Foxx's character 'Wanda' tries to score a date. This is from "In Living Color."In the '60's Chuck Barris produced this popular game show for ABC television.