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These Security Officers attained peace officer powers in the early 1970s, and were gradually retitled into Safety Police Officers.

In the 1990s, the Department of Health Services Safety Police, Parks & Recreation Department Park Police, and Internal Services Department Safety Police were merged into the Office of Public Safety; which was unofficially known as the County Police.

It was formed in 1998 by consolidating three Los Angeles County law enforcement agencies: the Department of Parks and Recreation Park Police, Which was formed in 1969 as Los Angeles County Park Patrol, and the Department of Health Services and Internal Services Department’s Safety Police.

OPS was the fourth-largest law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County, which employed 579 sworn peace officers and 140 civilian personnel, and utilized over 800 contract security guards.

There were calls for OPS to be merged with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) in 19, but the attempts have been repeatedly rebuffed by its officers, the Board of Supervisors, or LASD for various reasons.

The primary reason cited was the inability of the Executive/Command Staff to perform the Administrative functions necessary to effectively manage a modern law enforcement entity of this size.

Pennsylvania changed in the late 1800s from a largely agricultural State into a complex industrial center.

By 1900, it found itself torn by bitter disputes between managers and the laborers they employed.

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