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There is little depth or purpose for this movie aside from being a vehicle for nudity and sex.If you enjoyed movies such as Candy (Ewa Aulin) and enjoy seeing a character repeatedly sexually abused, then you will probably enjoy this movie, unfortunately. According to the system, a space shall be inserted between the third and fourth digit; as well as a double space between the postcode and the geographic location.2014 Tove Almqvist of Sweden challenges Nina Ehegötzof Germany during the international friendly match between U19 Women's Sweden and U19 Women's Germany at Swedbank Park on October 22, 2014 in Vasteras, Sweden.As far as seeing nude females and some sex action, it's disgusting that much of it results from rape, and the plot has almost no sensitivity to the character's feelings or trauma.As far as the acting, the plot is very thin and the actors as well.In 2008, Sweden was divided into more than 16,100 postcode areas.The Swedish postcode system is based on a five-digit number combination, divided into two groups of three and two digits.

Until 1968, mail in Sweden was sorted only according to geographic location, which meant that postal workers had to learn all mail centers in Sweden, and what particular mail trains served those places.

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In 1967, it was decided that postcodes would be introduced in Sweden as of May 12, 1968.

Since then, the postcode system has been essentially the same, but a slight reform was carried out during the mid-1990s as all remaining mail terminals were equipped with automatic mail sorting machines.