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Switzerland's unique system of direct democracy requires a national referendum for constitutional change so the rights of Swiss women were at the mercy of those who could vote in such a referendum - men The start of the 1970s was a febrile time politically.Protests against the Vietnam War were in full swing; student revolts that had begun in France in 1968 had spread throughout the world as clamour for social change and political rights became louder and more insistent.

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To maximize your chances of meeting the right person in Basel, you should try both the face-to-face approach and internet dating.

Having been to Zurich before and skied in one of the country’s most popular ski resorts, I will tell you that you can certainly find beautiful women all across Switzerland.

You won’t find the raw beauty characteristic of women from Ukraine or the Czech Republic, but you will see some stunners here and there.

I am a true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle I'm a South African native. Some time I have a wild adventurous side of me, I definitely have morals and integrity but some time its I'm very friendly, gentle and romantic person.

Moving to Basel, Switzerland is going to be an exciting adventure for you, but it will also pose some challenges.