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Car navigation systems are systems in the vehicle that provide maps and directions for the driver.

Electronic navigation systems are typically called a GPS, otherwise known as a Global Positioning Satellite.

Refer to the instruction manual for the navigation system for loading specifics.

Most require inserting the disc and selecting the OK button when prompted by the system.

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Radio reception, for instance, has been optimized for the built-in aerial supplied ex-works, which is generally only a single telescope.Fitment: Special Note: dealer installation and activation required, early production vehicles may need the V1.4 software update.This item is not returnable under any circumstance. Maps for cars outside North America must be special ordered, allow 2-3 weeks for processing.With the Dyn OS In-car multimedia player its easy to find your favorite songs.Audio files can be sorted by artist, album, song, or folder.

Updating porsche navigation system