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Microsoft IT designed a targeted, sample-based testing program and built a dedicated, centralized team to help streamline the overall compatibility testing framework.Then, by implementing an open testing model and leveraging virtualization (VMs), the team developed a more consistent, predictable testing environment while providing additional flexibility and capacity when needed.When subsequent requests for the same content are made by client computers, the clients download from the server instead of the actual content.Content information consists of hashes that are calculated using chunks of the original content, and are extremely small compared to the content in the original data.Microsoft IT applied agile and continuous improvement methods to compatibility testing of critical, line-of-business (LOB) applications.What they achieved is an adaptive testing model that provides increased testing efficiency and effectiveness and reduced testing costs.

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The government has accepted a series of recommendations from the PJCIS on amendments to the proposed telco national security legislation in an effort to protect networks from 'cyber intrusions' by 'malicious actors'.

Microsoft provides the technologies and expertise you need to capitalize on the Internet of Things by building a connected system to gather, store and analyze your organization’s data.

From devices on the edge of your network, to back-end systems and services, the data that flows through your enterprise will drive a new level of business intelligence.

The class-action complaint alleges Disney's smartphone game apps have been collecting personally identifiable information about young users without the consent of their parents for the purpose of targeted advertising. USB armory is the real deal for anyone looking to protect and control their personal digital privacy and security. Plenty of connected cameras are suitable for monitoring your home or office, but Netgear's new Arlo is completely wireless and comfortably waterproof, with infrared built in for night and dark areas.

hi, i don't know a whole lot about computers so i was hoping that someone here could help me.