Who is john lennon dating

John Lennon’s famous white piano sat in the window, a Magritte painting on the wall, along with dozens of framed photographs of John and Yoko – their inescapable past still omnipresent. Her perceptions always have an edge and she’s never afraid to say what she thinks.

Here is her version of a compliment: “I love the way you’ve got one tooth sticking out.

‘Even though everything was arranged before we left the UK, we still had to be interviewed by her, to ensure that she wanted to proceed.‘I remember thinking, thank God I’d put on clean socks.

I sat cross- legged on a sofa, and barely said a word. She told us she’d had better offers than the BBC’s. She wanted us to beg for it.’‘She said, “Right, if we are going to do this, I need to make very clear to you that this interview will be 50 per cent about John, and 50 per cent about me.” I felt like saying, “Who on earth are you?

Ono has never been a multitasker; she enjoys and demands complete focus.

Sean, 22, is the favoured son, for whom John Lennon became a househusband.

Now he was back on the music scene, promoting the album Double Fantasy, which featured an equal number of songs by husband and wife.

And they wanted to talk to the BBC, the broadcaster that John held most dear. A respected DJ and music authority who spent 13 years at Radio One and created the long-running My Top Ten, interviewing stars about their favourite records.‘We had agreed to meet her at The Dakota [the apartment block where she and Lennon lived] at midday on Friday, December 5,’ Peebles recalls.

A picture taken on March 27, 1969 shows British musician and Beatles founder John Lennon (L) and his wife Yoko Ono (R) posing for photographers in Amsterdam. Her hair is in soft spikes and she is wearing her trademark round glasses. We meet in a Knightsbridge hotel, and afterwards she will go to open The Museum of Liverpool and meet the Queen. But then, she’s long been good at hiding her emotions. Or at least John and Yoko the couple eclipsed them both as individuals.

The honeymoon couple is spending a week in bed at Hilton Hotel to protest against world violence. Everything about her is quiet and compact – even the keyboard on her computer hardly makes a sound. She’s in London for talks with The Serpentine Gallery about an exhibition she’ll have there in June. Before they met, Yoko Ono was an established avant-garde artist. “In a way both John and I ruined our careers by getting together,” she says.