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I mean, a redhead with a Jew fro who CAN TAN -- really? And last but not least, am I a daywalker unaware of my special....situation? According to Urban Dictionary, " Hated by true Gingers, the Daywalker can sustain extended periods in sunlight and even has traces of a soul." Interesting....

The thing is, now I might have a potential daywalker (shudder) which I haven't even thought about categorizing into my rules, because they are so rare. And most importantly (or not at all importantly), If I dated one, would we ever be able to go to the beach together?

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I never felt I was attracted to gingers before, but maybe it's time.

Therefore, following my own rules would leave me dying alone and celibate forever. And I usually end up getting burned because they see me as some sort of fetish without a soul. I mean, that part may be true...let's just say they care more about hair (in more than one place) and skin color more than personality. Apparently lots of gingers love each other, and I found a really cute picture of a ginger couple (see previous post). I only mean that in terms of it being odd to see a picture like that, of two redheads together.

Previously this is how I would have articulated the two paradigms of pursuing romance, the courtship vs dating debate: Any spiritually minded, sincere person reading this courtship vs dating comparison would totally pick the courtship paradigm over the dating one.

But the problem comes when you face the reality that the way some people actually implement courtship has been taken to extremes, and has painted "courtship" in a fanatical light.

This is why today Manchuria and Outer Mongolia is Chinese territory. The point is that the Chinese developed a more accommodating "beta" culture of turning whatever is around them into "Chinese" by having a less aggressive national character.Anyway – my first bout with Tinder was pretty similar to most gals – lots of naughty messages from very peculiar men who wanted to show me parts of their body I has less than ZERO interest in seeing. However, it did feel quite nice to “swipe right” on someone and land myself a match! But after a few days worth of Tinder Nightmare worthy messages I deleted it. There was a stigma around Tinder/app dating, and some people considered it the “hookup app.” Obviously you can choose the way you want to use any dating app. But, as evidenced by the TEN (yes, TEN) people I know who met their completely normal and awesome significant other on Tinder, you can also use it as a way to find a healthy and great relationship.A few months later though, I decided to give it another shot. Then a few more apps started popping up…Hinge (matched only with people in your social network) and Bumble (women send the first message) are two that I jumped on for a bit.Koreans, on the other had, developed a more aggressive national character because it had to in order to survive as a unique people and nation.This manifests itself most directly into "han." The negative characteristics of "han" are in taking things (including themselves) way too seriously, holding grudges, impulsiveness, not looking before one leaps, short tempers, overreading situations, obsessive/compulsiveness, wild swings between love and hate, lack of communications with people we don't know very well, etc.