Warning signs dating

Let's look at Katie and Brett, a couple in their mid-thirties who came to my office ready to throw in the towel because their arguments had escalated recently.

Brett reported: "Katie and I fight about everything from who is taking out the trash to money problems - we throw it all into the kitchen sink when we argue.

Does your partner not seem to have any emotions whatsoever?

They don’t have to be overly emotional, but there should certainly be signs of sympathy and empathy.

Sarah Harding has written stacks of research articles dating back to 2000.

She has consulted in various settings and taught courses focused on psychology.

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Aside from your career and your income, she is also interested in your bank account.

One of the most perplexing factors of sociopaths is that they are often charming and seemingly normal.

They don’t even have to be major fibs – little white lies are the same.

Emotional psychopaths have a tendency to lie about everything, which provides an unstable foundation for a relationship.

There are early warning signs that loved ones shrug off as not being noteworthy.

Once a diagnosis is made, the past history of behavior makes much more sense to those who know the individual well.