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For example, Griswold cookware made between 18 is marked “Erie,” for the city in which it was made, without displaying the company’s name.

Compare the logo and writing style to an identification guide book on vintage cast iron to provide further clues to your cookware’s age.

It has often been called a "logo" which is not incorrect.

However, since it was registered with the US Patent Office in 1909 as an actual trademark, it would seem that the term "trademark" or "TM" would be preferable to "logo" More info on the Griswold TM at THIS LINK .

Over time, people have learned that these unique pots, pans, skillets, and Dutch ovens are highly durable, virtually indestructible, and make great family heirlooms.

By show of hands, how many of you reading this right now have a cast iron skillet that your parents or grandparents used?

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After running this site for several years, many similar questions arise, useful links and general information have been posted on the FORUM.

In order to get yourself ahead of the learning curve, let’s get you familiarized with the absolute basics of using cast iron cookware.

Cast iron cookware has been used for centuries (dating as far back as the Han Dynasty in China).

But with a little time and effort, you can learn to recognize the types of identifying marks in collectors’ club catalogs and published guide books and match them to the stampings on your cookware.

A manufacturer of cast-iron cookware often stamps its name in large text on the underside of the piece.