Dish tv epg updating service list

Click here to see how you can access & unleash the wonderful power of the Freeview EPG! Sometimes the networks even forget to update their web pages too.It took TV1 until late afternoon most days to update their web site and Freeview EPG during the ongoing coverage of the Americas Cup. ) It certainly still does not excuse most of what is going on.All the effort may go into the SKY and Freeview terrestrial EPGs. Alan Sue, you probably have a Dish TV satellite PVR like me.(s7090 in my case) This 'feature' was added to one of their recent firmware upgrades. Paul when you say you have gone back to previous software version to correct problem, wouldn't that change when they do OTA firmware upgrades so not a permanent fix. I would be interested to know if, since the changes to the way Prime is broadcast through satellite whether you are experiencing some problems that I have.DTH transmission eliminates the intervening role of a local cable operator since a user is directly connected to the DTH service.DTH Transmission is most preferred in Ku- Band so as to avoid the need of larger Dish sizes for suitably receiving the DTH signals.I am looking for (an open-source, aka "free") data-source for universal EPG / XMLTV services? : Select lineup: 0: Digital Terrestrial Lineup (TER) 1: Fresh Meadows, Verizon Fios Queens (CAB) 2: Fresh Meadows, Verizon Fios Queens (Digital) (CAB) 3: New York, DIRECTV New York (SAT) 4: New York, DISH New York (SAT) 5: New York, NYU Campus Cable (CAB) 6: New York, RCN Cable (CAB) 7: New York, RCN Cable (Digital) (CAB) 8: New York, Rainbow Satellite The Tate (CAB) 9: New York, Time Warner Cable St.

I have to agree with you in that it is a bit annoying. You have to turn TV off at wall and then you lose all recordings.

It also MUST be available at no cost or a VERY liberal license. I am open to coding my own solution, if anyone has some suggestions on where to start.

zap2xml is a small and fast command line script for Windows/Linux/OSX/* that connects to a Zap2TV Listings account, downloads the tv listings grid data and converts the to XMLTV formatted or XTVD formatted Cannot vouch for "zap" personally, but the method/concept is sound, if not their specific implementation... Schedules Direct, a non-profit organization that provides EPG for Open Source Software.

I would have hoped that the Freeview EPG would just take a direct feed from the TV Networks computers that run the live schedules. To extend coverage of a major news item.) I would have expected that the Freeview EPG would be updated immediately. I have also seen many 'one off' programs, like documentaries, loaded in the EPG as a series. You are asked if you want to record the whole series when setting the program to record, although there is only one singe episode. Are there two separate EPGs, one for terrestrial and one for satellite, that the networks have to manage?????

Thanks Joshua, that is very useful information and does excuse slow updates to the EPG, just slightly. If so, perhaps they do not put much effort into maintaining the satellite EPG as there is only a small percentage of the population using it.