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The Cookie store must have all of the following methods.Retrieve a cookie with the given domain, path and key (a.k.a. The RFC maintains that exactly one of these cookies should exist in a store.The jar in which Christine keeps her condoms is a ceramic caricature of a rotund, black-skinned woman wearing a bonnet and apron, her hands on her hips.Dev is visibly startled, but his hesitation lasts only a moment as he goes ahead and pops off the jar’s lid, pulls out a condom, and gets down to business.

Transforms a domain-name into a canonical domain-name.

Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2 “Cookie Jar” / “None of Your Business” AIR DATE: June 23, 2017 GRADES: B / B How does the third season of the story of the ins and outs of the bond between two of the greatest female friends since Lucy and Ethel begin?

With Maggie beating the holy crap out of her best friend, Emma, of course.

Ericson is stiff, grey and is attached only to his clipboard. As we already know, Emma was businesswoman before settling in with Maggie in Pinewood and she can sell anything.

He’s all business, glaring at Maggie and her colleague, Nurse Jeff (guest star Jeff Hiller), as they goof around with patient pudding and saying “That’s what she said” after unintended double entendres uttered by Ericson. This prompts Emma to investigate the situation, only to find out that the only reason Tina is quaking in her boots is because she’s unwittingly entered a pyramid scheme: she needs to sell hundreds of units of make-up to the women of Pinewood by next week or else, she’s toast. Plus, she feels she owes Tina being that she’s dating her husband and all.