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Aguéli initiated René Guénon (1886–1951) into the Shadhili tariqa.

[1] Guénon went on to write a number of influential books on tradition and modernity.

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Many of the head lecturers of al-Azhar University in Cairo have also been followers of this tariqa.

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British scholar, Martin Lings wrote an extensive biography of the founder of this branch, Ahmad al-Alawi, entitled 'A Sufi Saint of the 20th century' (ISBN 0-946621-50-0) The Swedish impressionist painter and Sufi scholar Ivan Aguéli (1869–1917) was the first official Moqaddam (representative) of the Shadhiliyya in Western Europe.At least, that's how the people that are dating or married to a Serbian think.Many in Britain were aware that Serb forces had terrorised part of Kosovo, provoking hundreds or even thousands to flee from their homes in 1998.However, that new constitution lasted little more than a decade.In the late 1990s there was widespread support in Montenegro for independence, though the EU and the United States voiced disapproval.